These Bosnian Fridge Magnets Are Brilliant

Worried Bosnian food will mess with that beach-ready body you slaved over since January? Worry no more. Here is Bosnian food that will add nothing to that sexy waist of yours.

A small group of Bosnians teamed up to make what is hands down a fun souvenir: fridge magnets in the shape of miniature but realistic Bosnian dishes.  “Da Valja” say they are an original Bosnian brand that honors and promotes the food praised by locals and foreign visitors alike.

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The magnets are said to be handmade and unique. “The production process is not automatic; every magnet is made, painted, varnished and glued by hand. (…) The making process is a game and relaxing, because it is really interesting to make miniature ćevapi, somun (flat bread), baklava, hurmašica, kebab etc.”, Saša Marlović told Klix.

The magnets can be found in several souvenir shops in Sarajevo, but they are also available online.

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