Sustainable Stockpile Management Project Launched

The official signing of the European Union Assistance to Stockpile Management, Technical Support, and Ammunition Surplus Reduction project took place at the European Union Force of Bosnia and Herzegovina HQ in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. The EUSTAR is the second phase of EU’s support to the establishment of sustainable stockpile management in Bosnia. The project is the successor to the EXPLODE project.

EUSTAR will see close cooperation between local authorities and international actors, which will coordinate and implement activities designed to contribute to the disposal of around 3,000 tons of unsafe and unstable ammunition, and complex weapon systems.

Photo 2

The excessive stockpiles of ammunition and associated problems continue to pose a significant danger to human security and infrastructure in Bosnia. Bosnian Armed Forces are responsible for the management of ammunition located in 12 storage sites throughout the country. All ammunition currently in stock is not only over several decades old, but also at the end of its life cycle, becoming increasingly hazardous as time passes. EUSTAR will continue supporting the Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces in the disposal of unsafe ammunition, utilizing already developed technological capacities, procedures and manpower established under the EXPLODE Project. The aim is to further increase the pace of destruction, which currently stands at approx. 2,000 tons per year.

EUFORs role in the project will be to co-ordinate and provide Subject Matter Expert advice and project co-ordination.  The Commander of EUFOR, Major General Anton Waldner, said at the official signing: “A significant reduction of the stockpile within 2017 and 2018 is crucial in finally establishing the entire sustainable Life-Cycle-Management System of Ammunition within the Armed Forces of BiH”.

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