Banja Luka Gets New Insignia

The city assembly of Banja Luka, the administration center of Republika Srpska entity, adopted the regulation on city’s new insignia – the flag and the coat of arms – after several failed attempts. The old insignia were ruled unconstitutional by the entity’s constitutional court in 2013, for depicting only the Serb symbols.

The main feature of the new coat of arms is the Serb tricolor, red, blue and white, and a stylized depiction of the city’s fortress, Kastel. Under the fortress is the Vrbas river and two bows of the Dajak boats, which are made in the city. Two “guardians” on the coat of arms are historical figures in Banja Luka: writer Petar Kočić and the city’s administrator from the era of Yugoslav kingdom, Svetislav Milosavljević.

Kočić, known for his works that criticized the Austrian-Hungarian rule in Bosnia, symbolizes culture and spirituality. Mirosaljević symbolizes development and progress.

They stand on chestnut and linden leaves, which symbolize the city’s most common types of tree.

Banja Luka’s new insignia

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