Troubled National Carrier Loses Its Wings

The sole remaining aircraft of Bosnia’s carrier BH Airlines will be sold to cover the company’s growing debt, according to the media. HETA, an asset resolution company, is reportedly selling the remaining airplane, probably in parts, media reported. The carrier’s debt has reached 25 million Euros.

BH Airline’s other aircraft was seized in Germany over other unpaid costs. The company has lost its licence to fly and faces liquidation, Klix quoted the company’s bankruptcy manager as saying.


According to the media, BH Airlines owes Sarajevo International Airport more than 3 million Euros. The company employees claim one and a half million Euros in unpaid salaries.

The airline flew its last commercial service on June 11, 2015.

The national carrier was founded in August 1994 as Air Bosna. In the autumn of 2003, the airline ceased operations due to inability to repay its debt. It remained defunct until May 2004, when the government of Federation entity promised to revive it. In June 2005 it restarted operations as BH Airlines, operating a pair of ATR-72 aircraft.

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