Macedonian PM Pays Respects at Memorial to Government Plane Crash Victims

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who arrived for an official visit on Saturday and had meetings with Bosnian officials in Sarajevo, paid respects at the memorial to his country’s president and crew members who died in a plane crash near Mostar in 2004. After laying flowers at the memorial to late president Boris Trajkovski and the eight members of his crew, Prime Minister Zaev said he was glad to be in Mostar to confirm the Bosnian-Macedonian friendship, but also saddened by remembering the tragic death of president Trajkovski, “a peacemaker and an advocate of equality, mutual understanding and helping.”


President Trajkovski died on 26 February, 2004 in a plane crash en route to an economic conference in Mostar. The aircraft crashed in thick fog and heavy rain on a mountainside in southeastern Herzegovina, near the villages of Huskovici and Rotimlja some 15 km south-south-east of Mostar. Eight other people aboard also died at impact, which broke the aircraft into three pieces. Although the cause of the crash is not known, it seems likely that it was the result of a controlled flight into terrain.

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