Boss Told to Stop Making Workers Take Lie Detector Tests

Public human right advocates, the Ombudsmen, issued a recommendation advising a company boss to stop making his employees take lie detector tests. The Ombudsmen said that polygraph tests, ordered by Rajko Dukić, the director of Boksit mining company in eastern Bosnia town of Milići, constitute mobbing and harassment, as it makes the workers feel insecure and afraid at the workplace.


This is the second time the Ombudsmen issued such recommendation. In 2015, they also told the Boksit boss to drop lie detector tests, following reports in the media that the employees were made to take polygraph tests at the company, in a bid to investigate cases of stolen company property.

“Based on tips, oral and written, that (employees) had been stealing and selling fuel from vehicles (…) in the mine for some time now, i organized polygraph tests for everybody working in the ‘Mining’ division. 119 persons took the tests,” said a statement signed by Dukić.

The Ombudsmen said, however, that lie detector testing at workplace is a violation of the workers’ rights guaranteed by law.

The Boksit boss is known by “unconventional” methods of running the company. He ordered mandatory massages for the workers, twice a month, in massage chairs owned by the company. However, the workers pay five Euros a month for the service. He also reportedly made the workers buy and read the books he wrote. In order to make sure they did, the company said there will be quizzes about the books. Smokers that work for Boksit have a portion of their salary deducted. The money is reportedly used to improve the company’s health standards.

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