Opposition Leader Sends Cake to Ruling Party President for “Free Advertising”

Leader of a Bosnian Serb opposition party sent a cake to the Republika Srpska entity president and the leader of ruling party as a sign of “appreciation” for repeatedly saying his name on television and thus giving him extra publicity.


Branislav Borenović, the leader of PDP, sent the cake and a thank-you note to the RS president and SNSD leader Milorad Dodik for saying his name 32 times on three separate occasions on the entity’s public broadcaster, the RTRS. Borenović’s PDP is an opposition party in Republika Srpska entity, but it is in the ruling coalition on the Bosnian state level. Dodik is often accusing the Bosnian Serb opposition parties in the state-level government of betraying the interests of Republika Srpska.

“This form of free advertising will significantly (improve) the PDP results in the (2018) elections, which is why I expect and wish you continued what you are doing. Let this sweet present take away the bitterness that you have been feeling lately, judging by your statements,” Borenović wrote in the thank-you note.

The RTRS was recently fined by Bosnia’s media regulator for biased reporting and favoring the ruling SNSD and its leader.

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