Deal Signed on RTV Tax Collection

Sarajevo-based power utility Elektroprivreda BiH and two public broadcasters, the national BHRT and the Federation entity’s radio and television, RTVFBiH, signed a contract on collection of the RTV tax through electricity bills, starting August. The broadcasters will try to make the same deal with the other two Bosnian power utilities, the Mostar-based Elektroprivreda HZHB and Banja Luka-based Elektroprivreda RS.

The RTV tax was earlier collected through phone bills – with a high rate of inefficiency – but the contract with telecoms expired months ago.


BHRT has been experiencing a financial crisis for years, which nearly resulted with a shutdown this year. The European Broadcasting Union and the Council of  Europe have urged Bosnian lawmakers to prevent that from happening. A conference was organized this year to explore solutions.

“Public broadcasters will inform citizens in a timely fashion about the details of collection of the RTV fee through electricity bills; until the start of this billing model, the obligation to pay the RTV tax in in effect by July 2017,” said the BHRT.

In January this year, the BHRT employees held a protest in the RTV building in Sarajevo. Members of the union demanded that the government finally finds a solution for stable financing of the BHRT and better working conditions for the workers.

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