Water Restriction Hours Extended

Sarajevo’s water and sewage company said it extended the no-water hours to 23-06h amid the heatwave that is putting a strain on the city’s reservoirs. The so-called “water reductions” were so far applied from midnight to 5 am. Sarajevo has been experiencing running water shortages for years, as the crumbling water supply network is losing some 70% of the water supplied to the city.

“Extremely hot (weather) has directly affected the decline of (city’s) well resources while increasing the use of water by consumers; the 24-05h night (restrictions) are not enough to replenish the reservoirs completely. In the coming days, according to the weather, (the restrictions) will be applied 23-06h in some parts (of the city). This schedule should help regulate the daily water supply. At the same time, a decision was made to intensify the repair works (on the water supply network),” the water company said.

The move – days before the start of the Sarajevo Film Festival and the arrival of thousands of  guests – was met with popular criticism.

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