Detainees Mark Camp Closure Anniversary

The 25th anniversary of the Omarska detention camp closure was marked at the camp site in northwestern Bosnia. Several hundred former detainees and their supporters attended the event at the former camp, where local Bosnian Serb forces held some eight thousand non-Serbs from the Prijedor region early into the Bosnian war of the nineties.


The event was addressed by Mirsad Duratović on behalf of the association of detainees, Jasmin Mešković of the Association of War Camp Detainees in BiH, Satko Mujagić, founder of ‘Čuvari Omarske’ group, Republika Srpska Vice President Ramiz Salkić and Head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Jonathan Moore.

The Omarska camp was opened on 26 May and closed in August 1992. Some eight thousand people were held there. 700 were killed or still missing.

The Hague tribunal sentenced seven Serbs for the war crimes committed at Omarska camp, while another 27 are still on trial for the war crimes committed in the Prijedor region.

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