Embassy Criticizes Authorities for Renaming School after Anti-Semite

The United States Embassy to Bosnia criticized the Sarajevo authorities for renaming a school after a local World War 2 anti-Semite and supporter of the Nazi puppet government during the conflict. A Sarajevo court upheld the decision of the Sarajevo Canton assembly this week to rename a primary school after Mustafa Busuladžić, a Muslim author and journalist who was executed by the communist authorities in 1945 for collaboration with the Nazi-allied Croatian government during WW2.


“Deeply disappointed that Sarajevo cantonal authorities went ahead and named a school after such controversial figure,” the Embassy tweeted.

Mustafa Busuladžić was at the helm of an organization of Islamic clergy in the Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia, which included what is today Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also worked for the Italian national radio during the Mussolini rule. Busuladžić is known for his lamenting about the “Jewish spirit” of speculation that lingered in Sarajevo after the city’s Jewish community was exterminated in the holocaust. He also opposed women’s rights and believed women should be mothers and housewives to save the traditional order.

The opposition lawmakers in the Sarajevo Canton assembly mounted an argument against renaming the school after Busuladžić, but the initiative of the main Bosniak party, the SDA, went through anyway.

The Jewish community in Sarajevo also criticized the move.

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