Stock Exchange Will Launch New Index

SASE, Sarajevo stock exchange, said it will launch its fifth stock index, SASX-Fundamentals (SASX-FN), on August 21. The index, made up of the top 15 companies on the stock exchange in terms of the profit they achieved from operating activities in the last financial year, will not comprise investment funds, banks, insurance companies, issuers in bankruptcy and issuers whose headquarters are not based in the Federation.

The companies in the new index are BH Telecom, cement producer Tvornica Cementa Kakanj, drug maker Bosnalijek, coal mine operator RMU Banovici, ammunition manufacturer Igman, arms and ammunition maker UNIS Ginex, power utility EP BiH, wholesale trader Magros Veletrgovina, artillery shells manufacturer Pretis,  car parts manufacturer Mann Hummel BA, metal processing firm Prevent FAD, bakery group Klas, power utility EP HZHB, diversified company Unigradnja and food company Vispak.

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