U.S. Diplomats and French Soldier Honored on Fatal Accident Anniversary

Bosnian Defense Ministry honored three U.S. diplomats and a French soldier on the anniversary of the 1995 accident in which they died. Joseph Kruzel, Robert Frasure and Samuel Nelson Drew from the cabinet of Richard Holbrook, a special representative of the U.S. president at the time, Bill Clinton, and French soldier Stephan Reault were killed in a car accident on a perilous Igman mountain road, trying to reach besieged Sarajevo for peace talks.

Their tragic deaths prove that peace-building is an honorable but dangerous calling

Bosnian Defense Minister Marina Pendeš said their tragic deaths prove that peace-building is an honorable but dangerous calling. She added that their deaths have become a symbol of friendship between American and French people and Bosnia and its people, which recognized the assistance and are grateful.

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U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia Maureen Cormack said that the secretary of state at the time, Warren Christopher, said that memory of Robert Frasure will inspire them to work better and more to achieve the goals he dedicated his life to achieve.

Adviser Ambassador of France Catherine Veber thanked Bosnian friends for making sure that the engagement of the four men is never forgotten. She emphasized that they also remembered all those who died for people and suffered due to war, and that remembering them should be an inspiration to work on building and sustaining peace.

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