Gender Equality Agencies Educated on Intersex Rights

A Sarajevo-based organization of gay and women rights advocates organized an info session on intersex persons for gender equality agencies in Bosnia. The session, organized by the Sarajevo Open Center, was attended by employees of the state-level and entity-level gender equality agencies.

The speaker at the session, Kristian Ranđelović from Serbia, informed the participants about the rights, life and problems of intersex persons. The participants heard about the basic facts on intersex individuals, the steps that should be taken to protect the human rights of intersex persons and the role of government institutions in protecting the rights of intersex persons.

The Sarajevo Open Center drafted a set of measures to achieve equality of LGBTI persons for the period 2017-2019, which is a catalog of recommended actions for governments at different levels that would improve and protect the rights of LGBTIs in Bosnia. Bosnian lawmakers have recently amended the national anti-discrimination law and added a ban on gender-based discrimination, legally recognizing discrimination against intersex persons for the first time.

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