Police Prevent Suspected Terrorist from Entering Bosnia, Minister Says

Bosnian security minister told a press conference in Sarajevo that the law enforcement agencies have prevented a person with links to the Islamic State group from entering the country on Tuesday. Minister Dragan Mektić said the person arrested in Sarajevo tried to “take advantage of the liberalized entry procedure with false reasons (for coming to Bosnia).”

“We learned that the person is close to the IS. He was sent back early this  morning. We believe he came here to try and use his stay for some terrorist activity. He is now identified and will not be able to enter Bosnia in the future,” Mektić said.

The minister said that the results of recent terror prevention efforts are adequate.

“We have not completely eliminated the threat, but we do everything we can to prevent and anticipate terror acts in Bosnia. It is a very difficult job, because terrorists are finding new methods for terrorist attacks. Fight against terrorism comes down to being faster in collecting information, eliminating the threat and preventing an act of terror,” the minister said.

We have invested a lot of effort in Bosnia to eliminate anything that can be called a terrorist threat

Mektić said that the Bosnian security ministry teamed up with Slovenian colleagues to develop a project on the fight against terrorism and smuggling of persons.

“The law enforcement agencies are most responsible for the issues of terrorism in Bosnia, and I see myself as the most responsible person. I do not run away from it. The state will have to strengthen its capabilities and improve personnel- and technology-wise.”

The minister said terrorism is a changing and adapting phenomenon.

“In that sense, terrorism is becoming an increasingly dangerous risk in the world, especially in Europe. Given Bosnia’s recent past, we had people who could be linked to terrorism; there is a constant tension and discussion about whether Bosnia is a terrorist country. We have invested a lot of effort in Bosnia to eliminate anything that can be called a terrorist threat. Recently, we are increasingly focusing on the prevention of terror threats,” Mektić said.

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