Inspectors Check Neum’s Lodging Businesses

Inspectors of the Bosnian service for foreigners’ affairs examined businesses and persons providing accommodation to foreign tourists in the coastal town of Neum. Upon inspecting 160 lodging providers, the inspectors found a number of violations of the Bosnian immigration regulations, and issued 33 misdemeanor orders and some 40 recommendations on steps to be taken to remedy the violations.

The inspections were carried out on the basis of information collected by the service for foreigners’ affairs, according to which a number of businesses and individuals in Neum were providing lodging for foreign tourists while disregarding the legal provisions on keeping up-to-date guestbooks and registering the stay of foreign nationals, as well as employing foreign nationals in violation of the legal provisions.

The service said its inspectors will move to ​​Mostar next, as well as other parts of Bosnia popular with tourists, where they will be checking if the tourism-oriented businesses are abiding to the residence and work regulations for foreign nationals.

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