Eco Fest Opens on Trebević

The first Trebević Eko Fest opened this weekend for crowds from Sarajevo, Istočno Sarajevo, as well as guests from the region.

The Office of the EU Special Representative in BiH is a sponsor of the first edition of Trebević Eko Fest, an event that promotes environmental protection. The festival is organized by Trebeco organization, with the city administrations of Istočno Sarajevo and Sarajevo also taking part. On the first day of the festival, visitors roamed the Eco Bazaar, where a number of exhibitors presented their domestic and eco-friendly products. A presentation of the EYOF 2019 was also held, at which visitors were informed about the winter youth games event.

The evening program at the Brus center on Trebević mountain was joined by music artists from the region. Visitors saw performances by S.A.R.S band from Belgrade, Elemental from Zagreb, Helem nejse from Sarajevo, as well as BABA DJEKS and Friends (Banja Luka – Sarajevo).

The festival continued on Saturday with a workshop on African drums, a paragliding show – precision landing, held at Jahorina mountain due to weather conditions, as well as a hiking event on Trebević.

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