Improved Border Crossing Connecting Trebinje and Dubrovnik Opens This Week

Recently finished border crossing at Ivanica, Ravno municipality will open for traffic on Tuesday. The crossing to Croatia will be a significant improvement for road traffic between Croatia’s Dubrovnik and Trebinje in southern Bosnia.

Ivanica border crossing, which cost roughly one million Euros, will be opened by chairman of the Bosnian Presidency, Dragan Čović, and Director of the Indirect Taxation Authority, Miro Džakula.

The four-lane border crossing was said to be very important for Bosnians who travel frequently to neighboring Croatia, in particular the Dubrovnik region.

Construction of three more border crossings to Croatia is planned between 2017 and 2019. Future Užljebić border crossing near Bihać, northern Bosnia will cost an estimated 350,000 Euros.  Two smaller crossings between Croatia’s Dubrovnik and Bosnian Neum will cost 150,000 and 100,000 Euros respectively.

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