Berton Is New Head of OSCE Mission

The new Head of OSCE Mission to Bosnia will be Bruce G. Berton, former Principal Deputy High Representative in the country, the leaving Head of Mission told a press conference in Sarajevo.

Summarizing three years in the Mission, Jonathan Moore said he was still optimistic about Bosnia’s future, reported Klix.

“I came as an optimist, not because everything was great and perfect in BiH and other countries, but still, especially at the local level, I see so many concrete achievements, many good people living together – they know how to live with neighbors, people who do not follow politics and prove that it is possible to have common goals,” Moore told the press conference.

Jonathan Moore

“At the high political level, unfortunately, there are not so many reasons for optimism, especially in this long pre-election phase. It is sad that the election campaign (for 2018 elections) has already started and we will soon be hearing about candidates for different positions every day, about which one is the best Serb, Bosniak or Croat. I hope you will ask them what they will do the day after the elections, with whom they will form a coalition, because there can’t be a coalition in Bosnia without all thee (main groups), and what are their goals.I see potential for a number of positive steps after the election, steps towards reforms, but now,  in this difficult phase, I’m a little less optimistic,” said Moore.

Bruce G. Berton served as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United
States of America in Sofia, Bulgaria. He joined the Foreign Service in 1987 and has served in a variety of positions in a variety of places, including Caracas, Moscow, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Rome, Mexico City, Frankfurt and Warsaw in addition to five years at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington, DC. He has served as a Watch Officer in the Department’s Operations Center, as a U.S. representative in a multilateral mission, in several management and reporting positions, and as the Director of the State Department’s Office of Management Innovation from 2012 – 2014.

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