Bosnia Will Not Join NATO in Next Ten Years, Presidency Member Says

The Serb member in Bosnia’s Presidency said that the country will not join the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization in near future. Mladen Ivanić said that the current generation of Bosnian politicians is unlikely to decide on Bosnia’s membership in NATO, reported N1 network.

According to Ivanić, a real political discussion on membership in the alliance can’t be expected sooner than ten years from now because of the court disputes on military property.

Constitutional Court ruled that military installations in Republika Srpska are owned by the state

“As long as there is the condition (to register the military property as the state property), and as long as the property registration is contested in courts, the issue will not be completed in at least seven or eight years, even ten years, because that is  how long the court proceedings last,” Ivanić told Nezavisne novine daily.

He said that no Bosnian Serb politician will support Bosnian membership in NATO before Serbia joins the alliance and that there is no reason to have a referendum in Republika Srpska on the issue, as announced by the entity president.

Last week, Bosnian Constitutional Court ruled that military installations in Republika Srpska are owned by the state – a decision which could help Bosnia move towards membership in NATO. The Court’s ruling is final, but political leaders in Republika Srpska have vowed to ignore it.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said that with its decision, the Court confirmed that it was a political rather than a judicial body: “This decision is not a surprise for me given the fact that the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina continuously adopts anti-constitutional and political decisions,” Dodik told SRNA news agency.

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