Ticket Pricing in Sarajevo Public Transportation Will Go Up

Sarajevo’s public transportation company will gradually rise the ticket prices by the end of this year, as part of a comprehensive plan to consolidate the finances of the troubled government-owned enterprise, the company’s new manager said.

GRAS manager Haris Gušić told Klix that the fare price of company’s bus line connecting central Sarajevo with the residential district of Dobrinja will go up by 25%, to 2 KM, from Monday. Gušić was appointed by the Sarajevo Canton government this year, with a mandate to save the company from bankruptcy.

According to him, the ticked pricing for remaining public transportation lines will go up by the end of 2017, according to the consolidation plan.

The government reportedly extended Gušić’s term to four years.

Last month, the government briefed the canton’s assembly about a report on the finances of GRAS, commissioned from PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax and Advisory, and a plan to save the company from bankruptcy. According to the plan, the Sarajevo Canton government should sign an agreement with the tax authority and government of the Federation entity on GRAS tax debt repayment in installments, stretching to 20 years.

The government’s plan is to earmark 20 million KM in 2018 for investments in GRAS, and 6 million for retirement of workers. Also, government institutions and companies will pay for their employees’ monthly passes.

One of the salvation measures that stirred debates is the plan to make the purchase of monthly pass mandatory for students of the public Sarajevo University.

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