Sarajevo Funeral Company Has Crematorium Plans

A Sarajevo city cemetery is expanding to include additional 2,000 burial plots. The expansion works at the Vlakovo cemetery on the city’s outskirts are in full swing this month and the completion is expected in November.

Opened in 1985, the Vlakovo cemetery was supposed to take over gradually from the Bare city cemetery, north of the city, which was nearly full at the time.

“However, now there is need to expand (Vlakovo) and designate more burial plots,” the Sarajevo Canton’s funeral company Pokop told Oslobođenje daily.

“In 2010, additional 39,000 square meters were expropriated. Thanks to the Sarajevo Canton government and assembly, (…) the money for expansion and works on burial plots was allocated,” said Pokop.

The expansion works cost slightly over 200,000 Euros, according to the project.

The company plans to buy additional 53,000 square meters, which would fit some 8,000 burial plots. The project preparation is underway. Also, the company plans to build a crematorium and add cremation to the list of the services it provides. Currently, cremation is not an option for Sarajevo’s deceased, as there is no functional crematorium in the city.

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