Serbian President Starts His Visit to Bosnian Capital

President of Serbia landed at Sarajevo airport on Thursday and started his two-day visit to Bosnia, where he is addressing the outstanding issues between the two countries with local politicians. President Aleksandar Vučić was welcomed by Bosnian presidency members at the presidential building in central Sarajevo.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has a true friend in Serbia. We show that friendship by respecting the territorial integrity of Bosnia, and by strengthening economic and political ties,” President Vučić told the press after meeting Dragan Čović, Mladen Ivanić and Bakir Izetbegović.

The focus of Vučić’s visit on Thursday and Friday is a number of border issues between Bosnia and Serbia. Vučić said Serbia was about to form a commission on borders, which will accelerate the process of defining the border with Bosnia.

“I believe this is the start of a new relationship between the presidency and Serbia,” said chairman of the Bosnian presidency Dragan Čović.

Vučić arrived with Serbia’s Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Minister Rasim Ljajić and Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure Minister Zorana Mihajlović. Later on Thursday, the president visited the local officials in Republika Srpska’s Istočno Sarajevo.

On Friday, Vučić will meet with chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdić.

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