SDP, DF Formalize Closer Ties

Leaders of Bosnia’s two nominally left parties signed an agreement on closer ties in Sarajevo. The social democratic party, SDP, and the democratic front, DF, had a meeting of their main boards, at which Nermin Nikšić and Željko Komšić put signatures on a document described as the formalization of a left bloc.

“This is a big day for our two parties. The session of our two main boards resulted with the agreement, an understanding that this will not be a short-lived thing; this is cooperation until the (2018) election and after it, a project that must be accepting of everybody,” said the SDP leader Nermin Nikšić.

“There is no point in elaborating that young people leave Bosnia, that there is a stagnation and that there is no majority in the parliament at any level, except when the interest zones need to be defined,” Nikšić said referring to the ruling center-right parties.

DF leader Željko Komšić said that the agreement formalized the cooperation between the two parties that existed before.

“(The agreement) implies taking responsibility for making what we discussed reality. It is a big job, but I am confident because we have a lot of competent and smart people. We made a big commitment to continue cooperation after the (2018) election, which is a long-term and bigger goal – giving people a new concept, a new left bloc, a new political project. Our goal is to pave the way for this country in a direction that is opposite of the current one. People need to be freed from fear; (left parties) need to restore their confidence and be true to themselves”.

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