Latest Addition to Bosnian Politics Is an “Independent” Party

A new political party was founded in Sarajevo on Sunday by a lawmaker kicked out from the ruling Bosniak party for refusing to follow the party guidelines in the national parliament.

The “Independent Bloc’s” first convention in Sarajevo was attended by some sixty members the party’s assembly who elected Senad Šepić the party’s first president. Šepić was excluded from the SDA party earlier this year, together with two other lawmakers, for criticizing the party’s leadership and policies.

“The Independent Bloc is an alternative to the current political elite and their way of governance. We will focus on new people, capable people and people who didn’t have a chance to show what they can do. I believe that citizens will recognize our intention to set Bosnia free and push it towards the European perspective,” Šepić said in his address to the convention.

Although described as an all-Bosnian party, the Bloc will presumably compete for the Bosniak electorate votes in the 2018 election with other Sarajevo-based center-right and left parties, mainly SDA, SBB and just recently formed SDP-DF bloc.

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