Beloved Actress Dies at Age 65

Bosnian-Macedonian actress Nada Đurevska died in Sarajevo, local media reported. She was 65. The prominent theater and film performer was a beloved figure praised by audiences, directors and critics. 

Born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1952, Đurevska moved with family to Sarajevo, Bosnia when she was six. Her performances in classic and modern plays earned her numerous awards, but she was an equally talented movie actress.

“In the Balkans, women somehow always self-actualize through their men,” she said about her roles in plays and films written by local authors.

“Women in the Balkans, in Bosnia, have this Greek tragedy quality in them.”

It is hard work for me to become one with a character, and to separate from it

Đurevska’s numerous awards include the golden laurel wreath of MESS theater festival for contribution to performing arts, presented to her in 2002. In 2014, she was awarded the highest recognition of the city of Sarajevo, the April 6 Award.

“This award towers all (my) successes and failures, sadness and joys, dreams, fairness and injustices on my path that was often hard to walk, but also the path on which the most important thing to me was to hold on to my humanity,” she said on the occasion.

Perhaps the most memorable role which she took was that of Hasanaginica (the wife of Hasan-aga), the main character in the television adaptation of an epic poem about the tragic death of the wife of a local aristocrat in the Ottoman Empire era, who is ousted from her home and forced by the husband to abandon her children.

“I never (got tired of acting), but I was tired occasionally, because i work a lot,” she said about her work.

“It is hard work for me to become one with a character, and to separate from it. I need a long pause between (two characters), because otherwise it is like you put on make-up on old make-up without washing the face, and it starts looking ugly. I am very tired now. I worked a lot in the last forty years. I played in 43 movies; sometimes I wonder if that can be.”

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