Protesting RS Opposition Held Outside Parliament Session

A row between the opposition lawmakers and the ruling majority in Republika Srpska entity parliament over a critical budget report culminated Wednesday with physical separation when the ruling parties decided to ban opposition from the parliament session in Banja Luka.

Police and members of the security at Republika Srpska assembly building stood in the way of the opposition lawmakers who tried to enter a room where members of the ruling coalition and entity government ministers continued a session interrupted on Tuesday by the opposition. 30 opposition members of the parliament took up seats behind the table of the speaker on Tuesday, preventing the session from being held until their demands were met. The opposition protested a decision of the assembly’s leadership to remove the 2016 audit report on the entity budget, according to which the government spent some 95 million euros more than planned.

Following the report, the chief auditor and his deputy resigned after the entity president and the leader of ruling SNSD Milorad Dodik requested their removal.

The ruling coalition suggested a discussion on the the audit at the next assembly session, but the opposition refused.

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