Spanish Artist’s Works Exhibited at National Gallery

An exhibition of works by a Spanish artist opened at the National Gallery in Sarajevo. The “Sarajevo, an Amphitheater of Memories” by painter and sculptor Eduardo Córdoba Oronoz opened in the presence of guests and local government officials.

As part of the exhibition, a panel with the artist and an informal workshop will be held. A panel on the role of art in the memorialization culture will be held on Friday, September 15 at 6 PM. In addition to Oronoz, speakers at the panel are Nihad Kreševljaković and Saša Madacki. On Saturday, September 16, local youth rights activists and the artist will have a workshop.

“Sarajevo – the image of a vast mirror which reflects in a way all of us fortunate to get close to the city and let it seduce us. The mirror reflects our qualities and flaws, individual and group,” the artist said about the exhibition.

“Sarajevo is one big amphitheater. I use this borrowed metaphor to encourage thinking about individual and collective memory. This stage, on which life goes on despite and thanks to everything, renews as time passes since the tragic events (of the nineties’ siege), coping occasionally with the contradictions and injustices of the Western society model.”

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