Landmine Victim Rescue Must Wait until Morning

A person presumed killed in a landmine accident was left in a minefield until the morning, as attempting rescue at night is considered too risky, a Sarajevo news website reported. According to authorities, two locals were collecting firewood in a forest on Ozren mountain, northern Bosnia when their horse presumably stepped on a landmine.

The mine presumably killed one person and wounded the other, who managed to crawl to a local road and call for help, reported Klix. The accident happened late Saturday.

According to a local civil protection official, the forest is notorious for fatal landmine accidents. Although efforts to remove landmines left after the Bosnian war were extensive over the last two decades, Bosnia is still plagued by the indiscriminate danger.

A rescue effort will be organized after sunrise as the civil protection in the northern city of Tuzla said that it would be too dangerous to look for the victim during the night. The police are reportedly securing the perimeter, making sure nobody steps into the forest until morning.

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