SDP Launches Youth Campaign with March

The youth division of the Bosnian social democratic party marched in Sarajevo to highlight the issue of rampant emigration of young people and to launch its campaign focused on advocating solutions to increasingly difficult position of young adults in Bosnia.

The SDP secretary general Irfan Čengić told the reporters that the party has launched its “Ostajmo ovdje” (stay here) campaign that focuses on eight issues critical to young people: jobs, education, culture, sports, starting a family, security and housing.

“We want to make life (in Bosnia) better for young people because the youth emigration is an urgent problem in Bosnia,” he said.

The party’s vice president Lana Prlić, who took part in defining the campaign, said that some 80,000 young people have left Bosnia recently: “The plan for young people has eight goals, but not unattainable ones. Those are very simple issues that would give young people in Bosnia a decent life.”

High unemployment rate, rampant corruption and a grim political outlook are the main reasons for high emigration figures in Bosnia, particularly among young adults with university education or work skills sought in developed countries.

Bosnia will have general elections in October next year. Official campaigning starts a few months before elections.

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