Seminar on Stolen Art Trade Organized for Court Officials and Law Enforcement

The Federation entity’s center for education of prosecutors and judges, CEST, the Embassy of France in Bosnia, Tuzla’s gallery of portraits and an anti-art theft organization worked together to organize a seminar on illegal trade in art works. The seminar will be held at CEST in Sarajevo, on September 18.

Judges, prosecutors, police and government officials will be informed at the seminar about ways to counter the illicit trade in stolen art work. Speakers at the seminar include the Federation supreme court’s experts and a representative of the French police ministry.

It is estimated that more than six percent of world’s stolen art trade happens in the region of south-eastern Europe. In Bosnia, several thousand works of art were stolen since the Bosnian war of the nineties to date. Those include the famous portrait of writer Meša Selimović, painted by Ismet Mujezonović, stolen from the international gallery of portraits in Tuzla.

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