Three Thousand Runners Join Sarajevo Half Marathon

Hungarian Tamas Nagy (men) and Bosnian Lucia Kimani (women) won the 11th Sarajevo Half Marathon on Sunday. Some 3,000 runners from more than 30 countries and regions joined the 21-kilometer race, with mayor Abdulah Skaka making the start official.

Croatian Vinko Sliško and Bosnian Slavisa Bunić came second and third respectively in the men’s race.

“The first Sarajevo half-marathon had 75 runners and 11 years later, it counts some 3,000 people participating, which is an absolute record. Moreover, the share of women participating grows at a daunting speed, making up 40 percent of participants,” said director of the Marathon Sarajevo organization Erol Mujanović.

Sarajevo Half Marathon is also a charitable fundraising event. The money raised on Sunday will be donated to local organizations for children without parental care and environment activists.

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