Bosnia and EU Will Sign Transport Community Treaty Today

Chairman of the Bosnian Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić and the EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc will sign today the Transport Community Treaty between Bosnia and the European Union, in Brussels. The signing ceremony is scheduled to take place at 16h at the headquarters of the European Commission.

The Council approved the signing of the Transport Community treaty on September 5 and joined other Western Balkans governments that signed the treaty in a summit in Trieste, Italy earlier this year. Accession to the treaty was put on hold due to differences between the governments on state and entity levels over the country’s representation in the Community.

According to the Council of Ministers, Bosnia will be represented in the Transport Community by the state ministry of transport and communications. However, the decisions will be made by consensus of the Republika Srpska and the Federation entity ministries and the Bosnian state ministry.

Accession to the treaty was a condition for EU funding of four Bosnian projects that were approved in the Trieste summit. The funds for those projects would have been reassigned to other projects in the Western Balkans if Bosnia failed to join the community by this month.

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