Defense Minister Briefs Ambassadors on Bosnia’s Progress towards NATO Membership

Bosnia moved closer to membership in NATO in the last three months by registering more military property to the state, which is a Tallinn condition for activation of the Membership Action Plan, defense minister said in her presentation of the progress Bosnia made in the defense department, given to ambassadors of NATO countries in Sarajevo.

Minister Marina Pendeš said she was convinced that plans will be met by the end of the year and that MAP will be activated. She announced that the registration of two additional military locations will start soon, adding that 28 locations out of 63 approved by the Presidency were registered by now.

“We expect two more to be registered by the end of this month and another one by the end of November,” said Pendeš.

Jan Pšenica, the Ambassador of Slovakia, the country whose embassy is the NATO liaison-embassy in Bosnia, said that the meeting with defense minister and her team was very useful: “We made a few suggestions for the upcoming period and we also encouraged the Ministry of Defense and Bosnian authorities to continue with the good work.”

The presentation was an opportunity to discuss a stronger engagement of Bosnian Armed Forces in peacekeeping missions, in Afghanistan and in Africa, the Central African Republic in particular.

The presentation audience – ambassadors of NATO countries in Bosnia, representatives of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Defense and Joint Staff of AF, and NATO HQ Sarajevo – were told about activities related to disposal of unstable ammunition and explosive ordnance.

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