More and More Bosnians Are Scared of Their Bosnian Home, Musician Says

A music channel interviewed Bosnian singer of traditional Sevdah songs, Damir Imamović, and posted a video of his recent rendition of a popular Sevdah song. 

“Sevdah is traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina – once a border between the Ottoman Empire and Europe, the western-most part of the Empire, and that’s why our language of traditional poetry and this art of Sevdah is influenced heavily by this history – the genre being a mixture between the old Ottoman culture and European culture of music, poetry, romanticism,” Damir Imamović told theyshootmusic.

“Even the very name Sevdah comes from the Ottoman context where it meant ‘love’ or ‘melancholy’ in the old Turkish,” he said.

“Many of the songs I sing talk about migration a lot. (…) It seems like every once in a while this topic of moving around is really prevailant in our mind and thoughts. (…)  I wrote a song that tells about finding warmth in foreign lands, because we were taught in traditional music that home is where the safe is, home is where the security is, you flee to home because (home is) where the mother is – those are all figures of speech – but now I meet more and more (Bosnian) people across the world who are scared of home, and the foreign lands, which were cold and harsh in traditional thinking, become more and more attractive. (…) Even though people do not understand Bosnian language, they understand the emotion behind (such songs),” Imamović said.

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