Nationalist Parties Enjoy Overwhelming Support One Year ahead of Election, Poll Suggests

According to a public opinion poll, nationalist parties that won the last election enjoy overwhelming support in Bosnia, one year before the 2018 general election. Polling agency Ipsos released the findings of their September poll, according to which the main three nationalist parties – Bosniak SDA, Bosnian Croat HDZ BiH and Bosnian Serb SNSD would win an election in a landslide if it was held this week. 

The percent of voters positive that they would go to polls is at 44

The agency split the poll results according to the electorates in Bosnia’s two entities, the Federation and Republika Srpska. In the Federation, dominated by Bosniaks and Croats, 31% of the voters would pick the SDA and 21% would pick the HDZ. The nominally left social democrats and their “spin-off”, the Democratic Front, came at 14% and 11% respectively. In Serb-dominated Republika Srpska, the ruling SNSD led by nationalist Milorad Dodik is supported by 53% of the voters. The main opposition and also a nationalist party, the SDS, came at 22%.

Ipsos said, however, that the margin of error is wide as one in four voters in the Federation and one in three in Republika Srpska didn’t want to disclose their preferences.

The percent of voters positive that they would go to polls is at 44. Voters in cities are less likely to cast their ballot than voters in rural areas.

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