Gov’t Will Not Discuss Bosnia’s Recognition of Kosovo, Says Foreign Minister

There is no discussion in Bosnia about recognizing independence of Serbia’s breakaway province Kosovo, Bosnian foreign minister said commenting on a statement of Kosovo prime minister. Bosnian Council of Ministers will not be looking into the matter, minister Igor Crnadak said, but the business community would benefit from a solution to the visa regime, he added.

At a Kosovo government reception on the occasion of September 28, the Day of Kosovo Bosniaks, prime minister Ramush Haradinaj called on the Bosnian government to recognize Kosovo’s independence and lift the visa regime for Kosovars. Bosnia and Serbia are the only Balkan countries that haven’t recognized Kosovo.

Bosnian Serb parties oppose recognition of Kosovo independence, minister Crnadak said.

“Regarding that issue, all (parties) agree and there is no chance that that will change,” he said.

However, he said there is an agreement between Serb, Bosniak and Croat parties that the visa regime should be simplified to facilitate trade and economy ties.

“Generally speaking, a number of things should be simplified to make the everyday life of ‘common’ people easier. However, when it comes to Bosnia’s recognition of Kosovo (independence), that will definitely not be discussed,” minister Crnadak said.

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