Sarajevo Airport Tests a Chemical Anti-Fog System

Sarajevo International Airport is testing an anti-fog system that should help reduce one of the airport’s main problems during winter. Fog is the main reason of delayed or cancelled flights at SJJ from October to March. The tested system uses a chemical to turn fog into ice.

In January this year, the airport installed several devices along the main runway, so-called diffusers, which release liquid propane. The chemical turns fog into ice crystals.

“The environmentally safe chemical reagent (…) turns fog into ice specks that fall on the ground,” said the airport spokesperson Sanja Bagarić-Arnaut.

“Although the maintenance is expensive, the system testing proved that the investment would pay off. The airport will further test the system in combination with the existing instrument landing system,” she said.

An instrument landing system, ILS, enables aircraft to land if the pilots are unable to establish visual contact with the runway. It does this by way of transmitted radio signals. The system was used at SJJ during the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.

However, “(liquid propane) is effective in temperatures that range from 0°C to -8°C”, said the airport spokesperson.

Sarajevo airport is supposed to undergo a €19 million overhaul next year.

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