Bosnian Authors Win Financing for Their Fact Checking Game App

Authors of a game app that is supposed to make news verification fun have won financial support from the Resonant Voices Initiative, a group of organizations seeking advocates against violent extremism trends in the Western Balkans region.

The FactChecker app idea was developed by four Bosnian journalists and activists, with one mission – to stop the spread of disinformation and promote critical thinking.

As described by the authors, the quiz-like game puts player in the role of a young journalist set to get a job in a major news organization. To get the job, player needs to find ways to debunk fake news by using online verification apps during the first day in the newsroom.

The brainchild of Maja Čalović, Una Čilić, Elma Murić and Lidija Pisker aims at combating misinformation and propaganda, as to prevent the sharing of harmful content on the internet by engaging online news consumers from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-speaking countries of the Western Balkans.

“Numerous online fake news sources boost sensationalist reporting about important socio-political issues in the Western Balkans, thus stimulating the atmosphere of hatred and antagonism,” the app authors said about their project.

“Consumers of online news content often cannot evaluate the validity of information and can only rely on their own judgment if the news is fake or not, usually lacking time and resources to check the sources.”

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