Time to Initiate “Peaceful Divorce from Failed Bosnia” Might Be Now, Says Bosnian Serb Leader

The time might be right to initiate a peaceful dissolution of Bosnia, the president of country’s Serb-controlled entity told reporters in the eastern Bosnia town of Zvornik. With the independence declaration of Spain’s Catalonia province looming, Milorad Dodik said that the European Union considers such developments to be internal matters of sovereign countries.

“The EU said that (the Catalan independence effort) is an internal matter of Spain; what I want to know is  whether the processes in Bosnia are an internal Bosnian matter or a matter (of the international community),” Republika Srpska president said at a ribbon-cutting event in Zvornik.

Citing “increasingly frequent” opinions of analysts and reporters that Bosnia is a failed state, Dodik said that the Catalan independence, “to be declared on Monday”, is a development that can be basis for a “rational discussion on the possibility of a peaceful divorce (of entities in) Bosnia”.

“That process should start, because this Bosnia, with a massive interventionism of the international community, has failed. As such, (Bosnia) obviously fits the definition of a failed state,” said Dodik.

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