Bosnian Phone Finger Ring Is Shaped Like Door Knocker

A Bosnian version of the phone finger ring accessory comes in the shape of a traditional door knocker. The “Zvekir” (knocker) accessory, designed by a Sarajevo-based start-up, is shaped like the door fixture that often symbolizes home in Bosnia, and it is even part local government insignia.

“Zvekir” is made of a zinc-aluminum alloy. The phone accessory’s ring rotates 360 degrees to adjust to the position of the hand, the makers said on their website. It can also serve as a phone holder for those times when you need your device to stand still on the table.


The accessory comes in a wooden box that can be customized by the maker. It also comes with a booklet about the traditional knocker in Bosnian, English, German, French, Turkish and Arab.


The accessory costs €10 if ordered on the maker’s website. It is not available in local shops yet, although it can be bought in a Bosnian clothing shop in Abu Dhabi.

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