KFOR Battalion Joins Peace Support Operation Exercise

Troops of the NATO-led Kosovo Force arrived to Bosnia for Quick Response 2017 exercise. KFOR participates in the exercise with the EUFOR Multinational Battalion and Bosnian Armed Forces , local law enforcement agencies and the European Intermediate Reserve Forces.

The Kosovo Force Tactical Reserve Battalion acts as an “Over the Horizon Force” to reinforce the European Union Force in Bosnia, if required. KFOR’s Tactical Reserve Battalion is stationed at Novo Selo, Camp Marechal De Lattre De Tassigny. The battalion can be deployed anywhere in the theater of operations and perform any task or mission for an unlimited period of time, being completely independent. The unit is commanded by a Hungarian officer.

Major Levente Nagy from the KFOR battalion said: “NATO KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion came to BiH to take part in the Quick Response 2017 Peace Support Operation Exercise. Our presence on the exercise conducted by EUFOR is a good example of the excellent cooperation between NATO and EU, based on the Berlin Plus agreement. We are looking forward to training together with BiH Law Enforcement Agencies that are taking part in the Quick Response Exercise series.”

During the first stage of the exercise, different units conducted internal training at platoon, company and battalion level. During the second phase, all troops were united to a multi-national Battalion, which is currently training and reacting to tasks and scenarios delivered by the Exercise Control Team.


The key task of the exercise is to integrate Bosnian law enforcement agencies, Armed Forces and EUFOR, ensuring they can exercise together in realistic scenarios, in order to test their respective contingency plans. Initially the training will be low level including patrolling in vehicles and on foot and checkpoint control. This will then intensify to more complex tasks. Under the guidelines, the soldiers will exercise the use of minimum force to support the law enforcement agencies and Bosnian Armed Forces in order to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Commander EUFOR, Major General Anton Waldner said: “These scenarios were selected in order to allow the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Law Enforcement Agencies to test their tactics, techniques and procedures in dealing with a terrorist attack. This exercise will see, for the first time, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Law Enforcement Agencies, Armed Forces and EUFOR operating together to test their respective contingency plans.”

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