Catholics in Military Honor Last Bosnian Queen

Catholic members of the Bosnian Armed Forces pilgrimaged at the site of the medieval Bosnia seat of kings on the anniversary of the death of last Bosnian queen. The “Prayer for the Homeland” procession to the remains of Bobovac fortress was led by the defense minister and the Armed Forces chief of staff.

In addition to the Armed Forces members, the mass at Bobovac was attended by members of local Catholic communities in central Bosnia, the Croat member of the Bosnian Presidency Dragan Čović, members of the Bosnian law enforcement agencies and members of the Croatian military and the European peace support forces in Bosnia.

The mass was led by Bosnian Cardinal Vinko Puljić and military bishops of Bosnia and Croatia, Tomo Vukšić and Jure Bogdan.

Bosnian queen Katarina Kosača died on October 25, 1478 in Rome, where she exiled following the fall of the Bosnian kingdom to the Ottoman Empire and the execution of king by the conquerors.

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