Sarajevo Water Company Starts Cutting Off Top Debtors

Sarajevo’s government-controlled water supply company has started turning off water for businesses that have the biggest piles of unpaid bills, as part of an effort to normalize the water supply in the city.

Early Monday morning, police and water supply company workers knocked on the door of a car wash in Sarajevo’s old town district, with a warrant to shut down the valves. The car wash had over 2,500 Euros in unpaid water bills. According to the water supply company director, an agreement on debt repayment couldn’t be reached with the car wash owner.

The Sarajevo Canton prime minister Elmedin Konaković said earlier this month that the effort to normalize the water supply in the city will include more funding for the government-controlled company, a deal with the city authorities in East Sarajevo on water supply from the wells operated by the local water company there, and a move to shut down the water supply for top debtors.

The managers of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo water supply companies signed a deal on water supply from East Sarajevo’s Tilava well last week.

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