EU Envoy Visits Women Footballers Integrating Central Bosnia Communities

The European Union envoy to Bosnia visited a women’s football club in central Bosnia that has thirty players from several municipalities in both Bosnian entities. The Sloga club was established in Petrovo municipality ten years ago by its late coach Jugoslav Jokić, whose vision was  to connect people with sports, regardless of their ethnicity.

The club qualified for the Women’s Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to the coach efforts and the motivation of the players and their families.

“These young women are truly inspirational and that is the sort of inspiration this country needs to join the European Union,” said Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark while meeting with the players and parents.

Ambassador Wigemark said that tolerance and social inclusion remain at the heart of the EU agenda in the country.

Many of the parents put a lot of effort to ensure they can afford taking their daughters to Petrovo twice a week for training and matches. Presenting them with some basic sports gear, the Ambassador used this opportunity to invite everyone who is able to support this team to do so.

After the 2014 floods in Bosnia , Petrovo was included in the EU Floods Recovery Program. A primary school, a river bridge and homes for nine families were reconstructed thanks to the program.

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