Bosnia Passport Ranks Low-Middle in Global Index

According to a global passport index, Bosnia ranked 93rd on a list of 144 countries. The 2017 passport index, which ranks countries based on how many governments don’t require a visa for holders of a national passport, placed Bosnia – with 101 countries that don’t require a visa to enter – between Micronesia and Palau. 

Of the Balkans countries, Bosnia fared better than Albania and Kosovo, but still worse than Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. The remaining countries of the peninsula, all EU members, are higher on the list.

Croatia took 38th place, as 144 countries can be visited using a Croatian passport without a visa. Serbia ranked 79th with visa-free access to 113 countries, while Macedonia ranked 84th, its citizens being able to access 108 countries.

Kosovo’s passport is Europe’s worst – only 41 countries don’t require a visa.

The world’s best passport according to the index? Singapore. 159 governments don’t require a visa for the holders of the tiny island nation’s passport. The United States passport ranked 21st, with 154 countries letting Americans in without a visa. The top of the list is populated by European countries, with few exceptions such as Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. The world’s worst passport? Afghanistan, with only 22 governments letting the nationals of the Asian country in without a visa.

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