Dialysis Patients Protest in Travnik

A couple dozen of dialysis patients protested at the main hospital in the central Bosnia town of Travnik, demanding a reform of the organ transplantation law in the Federation entity that would make it easier to get a kidney transplant, and new dialysis machines.

The head of an organization of kidney dialysis and transplant patients in the Federation,  Tomislav Zuljević, said that there are some one hundred dialysis patients in the Central Bosnia Canton: “Unfortunately, a dialysis spot opens in Bosnia only when (a patient) dies, while transplantation gives a new life. Dialysis is expensive and painful; transplantation cuts the treatment costs and saves a life”.

The organization wants the Federation entity parliament to amend the Law on Organ Transplantation and legalize the so-called “presumed consent” to donate organs for recently deceased persons who didn’t explicitly reject to be organ donors.

Amela Čizmić was one of the protesting patients in Travnik. She is on dialysis in the Travnik hospital for four and a half years now and says that a new law would improve her chances of getting a new kidney: “Dialysis should be a step to transplantation, but here it is for life. Nowhere in the world is a young person on dialysis for ten years but here. People’s lives depend on dialysis; the conditions are catastrophic. The hospital has no resident nephrologist and the machines are outdated”.

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