Fire Nearly Wipes Out Nature Park’s Birds

The environmental disaster that struck at a national park in southern Bosnia this week will have a severe impact on the park’s biodiversity, said an ornithology society. The Hutovo Blato wetland, home to a number of native and migratory bird species, suffered severe damage when wildfire broke out on Wednesday.

According to the media, local firefighters said that it was one of the most severe incidents in the national park lately. The fire reached some of the park’s infrastructure built for the visitors and nearly wiped out the bird colonies that the park is famous for.

Hutovo Blato after fire

The “Naše ptice” ornithology society urged the local authorities to investigate the causes of the fire.

“Regarding the fire that broke out on October 25 in the Hutovo Blato nature park, which nearly destroyed all of the park’s vegetation and the birds in it, we call for responsibility of the environment ministries of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, the Federation of BiH and the BiH ministry of foreign trade and economy relations for ignoring the catastrophic management of the area for years,” the society said and added that this week’s fire was just one of the many in the last few years.

The organization claims that some of the fires were the work of arsonists who attempted to cover up illegal activities in the park.

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