Jazz Fest Opens on Tuesday

Sarajevo’s annual jazz festival starts October 31. The organizers of Jazz Fest said that 21 concerts will be held as part of the main program, in addition to lectures, workshops and master classes.

The festival’s main venue this year will be the Police House in Sarajevo. The organizers cancelled a deal with the City Hall, following a rent disagreement. 19 concerts will be held at the main venue, while 2 will be held at the Sarajevo War Theater, SARTR.

The festival will start with a three-day program dedicated to John Zorn, a contemporary American composer. His works, which span genres from classic music to metal rock, will be performed by 11 ensembles with some of the finest New York musicians, the organizers said.

The rest of the festival, which closes November 5 with a performance by the 40-strong chamber choir of the East Sarajevo Music Academy, will see concerts by veterans James Blood Ulmer and Hamid Drake, younger artists such as Mats Gustaffson and Kompost 3, and local artists, including Nataša Mirković with a French-American trio and accordionist Mario Batković.

See the Jazz Fest program here.

Tickets are available online on the festival’s website and at the main venue.

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