More Than 150,000 Bosnians Left the Country since 2013, Organization Says

According to a field analysis, conducted in over seventeen hundred local communities in Bosnia, more than 150,000 citizens left the country since 2013 – the figure reaching some 35,000 in 2017 alone, a civil society organization said.

The Union for Sustainable Return and Integration said that the northern parts of Bosnia are particularly susceptible to emigration: more than 10,000 packed their bags and left the towns such as Brod, Brčko, Derventa, Modriča, Srebrenik and Šamac.

According to the field analysis in which some one hundred local organizations took part, the main reasons Bosnians leave the country are economic hardship, lack of a perspective and political situation.

Bosnia has a population of roughly 3.5 million, according to the 2013 census.

The emigration figure is split equally between Bosnia’s two entities. 68,068 citizens left the Federation since 2013, while 68,278 left Republika Srpska.

Bosnians mostly emigrate to Western Europe and Scandinavian countries such as Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Noway, and to the United States and Australia.

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